We source, match, interview and place the most suitable staff in all industries, to our client’s needs and expectations.

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We are ALWAYS looking for talent of all shapes, sizes, ages and races. You don’t need experience – all you need is passion!

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Our courses are designed to improve your team’s communication, collaboration, productivity and customer service.

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Coaching accelerates the individual’s or team’s progress by providing greater focus and awareness of possibilities leading to more effective choices.

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Consulting on key business areas such as the business strategy and plan, operational processes and people management practices.

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We filter what we hear, see and experience. Our worldview – the way we perceive the world and the people in it – is governed by our beliefs, which are formed as a result of our past experiences.

We all perceive experiences and information differently because of our filters. The information that enters our minds is filtered through our belief systems which were formed as a result of our past experiences – good and bad. That means that if you have formed a belief that all men are aggressive and nasty because your ex-husband was an aggressive and nasty person, you may expect to be treated badly by most men. That is why two people attending the same meeting may leave with totally different perceptions about what was decided and why. It doesn’t mean that one was listening and the other not – it means that they have different perceptions based on their believe system.

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  • Elsabé was selected as one of The Most Inspirational Women of South Africa 2012 as featured in Volume 2.
  • We won The 2006 Mijima Award.
  • Winner of the 2004 Greenpepper Enterprise Award which is awarded to South African companies that excelled in their industries, created economic growth or new job opportunities.


The course presented by Elsabe to our front-line staff who deal with customer relations issues on a daily basis was filled with insight and assisted greatly in enhancing staff attitudes and behaviour, to be more professional in the workplace. Special mention has to be made of the personal and interactive style in which the course is done, which staff not only enjoyed, but also related to very well. Standard Bank would recommend the course to any Business who wished to achieve a higher understanding of what professionalism is about, and what it is not. Perfect grounding material for an improved image for staff who deal with customers every day.

Barbara Cleary – Standard Bank

I am an executive of a listed company in Johannesburg. I must admit that I was nervous and felt very vulnerable at the prospect of running a workshop like this. I knew that there were a number of issues to resolve around my leadership and that there were team members who simply tolerated me and barely spoke to each other. We needed someone we could trust to help us rebuild the strong relationships we once had so that we could start trusting each other and move forward as a team again.

Elsabé is amazing. She created a safe environment for everyone to speak without fear of consequences. She helped us to rebuild the team through open communication and real collaboration. We are once again totally commitment to each other and the organisation. We left the workshop having set team goals and objectives which are aligned to the organisation’s goals and objectives. Thank you Elsabé. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Phillipa Carr


Elsabe Manning

Cell: 084 371 9105


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