Assertiveness Training

What is assertiveness?

Assertiveness is the extent to which a person is able to express their needs, wants, expectations, feelings, opinions and beliefs in direct, honest and appropriate ways, as well as exercise their legitimate authority in order to get a team, group or individual to accomplish requested tasks or activities.

This course is highly recommended for aggressive people. Participants will learn the difference between assertiveness and aggressiveness and they will learn how to manage their emotions, without shame or judgement.


Anyone who regularly displays the following behaviours:

  • Submissiveness

Learn how to manage your emotions in the workplace and at home and how to express yourself in an appropriate way.


1. Determinants Of Human Behaviour;
2. Self-Perception Assessment;
3. Reasons For Acting Assertively – Some Practical Considerations;
4. Reframing:

a. Who is in charge?
b. Power maps;
c. Beliefs;
d. Rights and responsibilities;
e. Responsibilities;
f. Overriding responsibilities;
g. Feelings;
5. Changing Your Behaviour:

a. Types of verbal responses;
b. Dealing with specific situations.

Understanding yourself;
Dealing with delegate’s own feelings;
Setting boundaries for others;
Communicating clear messages;
Closing conversations;
Gaining increased confidence;
Handling difficult people and situations;
Practising the art of saying “no”;
Moving awkward situations forward;
Managing conflict.


Success Factory’s training model is designed to facilitate positive change through meaningful cognitive and emotional paradigm shifts by identifying and changing limiting beliefs. This way participants buy into the training fully and change their behaviour.

Beliefs are the rules that govern your behaviour. Your beliefs may empower and allow you to be the best version of yourself and live your values but they may also prevent you from becoming the best version of yourself. Your beliefs filter what you see and hear, affecting how you behave in your daily life.

We change our behaviour through insight (buy-in to new information.)


This is a one day course.

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