Coaching for Couples

Are you…

  1. Planning on proposing?
  2. Engaged?
  3. Getting re-married?
  4. Planning on moving in together?
  5. Stuck in a rut in your intimate relationship?
  6. Concerned about getting married to someone with children?
  7. Concerned because you have children and he/she doesn’t?
  8. Fighting over what’s important to you but not to your partner?
  9. Struggling to communicate about what you want from your relationship?
  10. Confused about what to do because your values are so different from your partner’s?
  11. Unhappy because you have unexpressed expectations. You don’t know how to tell your partner without causing an argument or fight.

Would you like to…

  1. Negotiate or re-negotiate your relationship?
  2. Discuss your expectations of your relationship with your partner?
  3. Find out what they really want?
  4. Align your values, expectations and goals with your partner’s?

Have you ever discussed…

  1. How many children you would like to have together, if any?
  2. What you expect of each other as step-parents?
  3. Discipline for children?
  4. What religion your children will be brought up in?
  5. Where you will live?
  6. A common budget and/or bank account(s) or not?
  7. Who is responsible for what tasks at home?
  8. What will happen if one of you died?
  9. Whether you should marry ANC (Ante Nuptial Contract) or in Community Of Property?
  10. Your / each other’s religion?
  11. Your sex life?
  12. Step-parenting?
  13. In-laws’ interference or behaviour?
  14. His / her / your ex?
  15. Boundaries?
  16. What lifestyle you will have?
  17. Hobbies? (shared and individual hobbies)
  18. Your friends and who you would like to socialise with?
  19. Your careers?
  20. Common goals?
  21. Each other’s habits?
  22. Debts and spending?
It is not easy to discuss any of the above topics, but it is essential if you are going to have a successful relationship. Couples often make the mistake of getting married or moving in together before discussing these crucial topics. Any one of the above-mentioned topics can seriously harm a great relationship if the couple constant argue about it. Couple’s coaching is a facilitated (by Elsabe Manning) honest and open discussion and planning of your future together. Elsabe will help you to negotiate your relationship in an atmosphere of trust, love and understanding. Couple’s coaching is not a long drawn-out process. Mostly only two two-hour sessions are required.