What determines your customer’s views of your organisation? What do you do to earn their loyalty? Did you know that customers’ loyalty is more strongly influenced by their personal experiences with your staff than any other factor?

Customer loyalty requires very specific skills, attitudes and behaviours of everyone in your organisation – not only of your frontline staff.

Success Factory’s Customer Service Excellence training will ensure that participants learn essential customer service concepts and skills.

Participants will:

Learn the specific behaviours that create memorable customer experiences in your business;
Identify their internal and external customers;
Learn how to identify and deal with both the human and business components of customer interactions;
Demonstrate and use compassion;
To understand how their frustrations when dealing with certain customer behaviours;
Identify the behaviour, body language, and specific words that create unproductive interactions;
Identify ways they create unproductive customer interaction and commit to creating positive memorable customer experiences;
Identify causes of stress and ‘buttons being pressed’ and strategies for reducing it;
Learn to respond productively to negative behaviours of others;
Practice using appropriate words and body language;
Learn how to focus on the issue and not the person when dealing with displeased or upset customers;
Practice different responses when handling difficult customers;
Practice responding to verbal attacks and/or abuse;
Discuss positive aspects of the organisation and their work environment;
Buy into having a ‘serving attitude.’

Success Factory’s Customer Service Excellence programme focuses on the ‘human’ aspects of business interactions. We obtain buy-in from participants to deal with customers more compassionately and with greater understanding.


Success Factory’s training model is designed to facilitate positive change through meaningful cognitive and emotional paradigm shifts by identifying and changing limiting beliefs.

Beliefs are the rules that govern your behaviour. Your beliefs may empower and allow you to achieve your goals and live your values but limiting beliefs or ignorance will prevent you from reaching your full potential and understanding others. Your beliefs filters what you see and hear, affecting how you behave in your daily life.

We change our behaviour through insight (more information.) When we know better, we do better.

During training Elsabé focuses on creating personal paradigm shifts with participants. This way participants buy into the training fully and willingly change their behaviour. This uplifting, highly motivating experience during training helps participants to turn the tables and to truly understand the shopping experience from the customer’s point of view.


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