In order to develop higher productivity and to establish staff loyalty, personal, team and organisational values, mission and goals must be aligned. Align individuals and teams’ values, goals and objectives to the organisation’s values, goals and objectives.


A mission helps define an individual’s goals and purpose. Having a mission statement not only motivates and defines a person, but they also become very passionate, driven and self-empowered. Knowing where you want to go, how you intend to get there and by when, is very empowering.

Alignment of Individual, team and organisational values and missions help people to determine how they add value to the organisation. An individual’s personal mission has an impact on the degree of passion they have for their job. When their job contributes to their mission, they participate more deeply and with more passion.


A team’s overall performance is dependent on their ability to make decisions, recognise and deal with conflict, participate, negotiate and overcome obstacles. Genuine teamwork can be created to enhance the performance of individuals whilst focusing efforts on a shared outcome.

Relationships, ideas, tasks, targets etc should all be negotiated. People often assume that their job should be done without question. The reality is that individual contribution and participation is valued and in fact, required.

The team’s values should be debated and negotiated by the entire team. The values should align with personal and organisational values. In other words, each individual team member must “own” each team value as though they have chosen it on their own, without influence.

Once the team’s values are established, a motivating mission statement should be written, which aligns with the organisations. When debating the mission, each individual’s own values and mission must be kept in mind.

It is completely natural for team members to experience conflict sometimes. It is advisable to learn how to deal with conflict amicably. Team members must remember to allow others to maintain their self-esteem and to focus on the behaviour, not the person.


Your organisation should have a clear well-defined vision and should operate from a set of well defined values. Once staff “buys into” the organisation’s values and mission, they start to think and act like owners. An organisation’s biggest asset remains its employees. What greater gift than to allow your employees to participate fully and to “own” the organisation?


Alignment of personal and organisation’s values, principals and mission statements will create increased staff loyalty.
Increased professionalism due to higher competence.
More effective communication and better conflict resolution.
Increased productivity.
Achieve organisation’s strategy and goals.
Increased confidence.
Ability to overcome and prevent obstacles.
Staff will have better self-managing and self-leading skills.
Ability to solve problems.
Higher motivation.
Better organisational performance.
Higher standards by individuals, teams and management.
Highly effective management team.

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