Having influence over people means that you have the ability to gain support for your opinions, views, ideas, thoughts, beliefs, goals and objectives by using language to persuade people to buy into your way of thinking.

If you make an effort to acquire good communication skills and you combine it with responsible honesty and pay close attention to and take specific details into account, you are likely to engage people more and reach agreements that you all can live and work with. You will be more likely to get what you want and it will be for reasons you won’t regret.

Success Factory’s Persuasion Skills Training gives people an understanding of the dynamics of influencing people, expanding their sphere of influence and negotiating, and the opportunity to practise a variety of tools and techniques.


  1. Benefits Of Studying Persuasion;
  2. Ethics Of Persuasion;
  3. Intention;
  4. Outcomes Of Persuasion;
  5. Free Will;
  6. Interpersonal;
  7. Intrapersonal;
  8. The Scope Of Persuasion;
  9. What Isn’t Persuasion?
  10. What Is Attitude?
  11. Credibility;
  12. Building Image;
  13. Psychological Impact;
  14. Communication;
  15. Impact Of Self-Esteem And Anxiety On Persuasion;
  16. Power-Tripping And Aggression;
  17. Persuasiveness In Groups;
  18. Language And Persuasion;
  19. Body Language;
  20. Persuasive Messages;
  21. Gaining Buy-In And Compliance;
  22. Lies And Deception;
  23. Visual Influence And Impact.


This course is for anyone who wishes to learn how to influence and persuade others.
  1. CEO’s
  2. Directors
  3. Consultants
  4. Negotiators
  5. Managers
  6. Team leaders
  7. Salespeople
  8. Marketing managers and public relations staff
  9. Telephone selling staff
  10. Trainers/facilitators etc


Two full days.


Elsabe Manning

Cell: 084 371 9105


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