Relationship management is one of the four pillars of EQ (Emotional Intelligence): self-awareness, self-management and social awareness are the other three. Emotional intelligence is the innate potential to feel, use, communicate, recognise, remember, learn from, manage and understand emotions.

Display the behaviour you expect from others. In other words, if you want respect from someone, then show them respect. If you want others to have compassion for you, then show compassion to them. Intimate relationships work on the same principal. If you want trust, love and respect from your spouse or partner, then you must display those behaviours to them. It works like a boomerang – it comes back! Once you ‘get’ that, you will understand the basics of building relationships with anyone. Your interaction with people will improve dramatically.


1. What is Relationship Management?
2. Emotional Intelligence
3. All Business Is Built On Relationships
4. Managing Expectations
5. Understanding Behaviour
6. Building Rapport and Trust With Others
7. Emotions
8. Communication
8.1 Feedback
8.2 How To Ask For What You Want
8.3 Conflict
8.4 Non-Verbal Communication – Body Language
8.5 Styles Of Communication
9. Personal Needs Of Role-players
10. Boundaries
11. Manage Upwards

Building relationships takes time and effort but it is extremely rewarding. You have to be prepared to commit yourself and expect not to always get what you want. Building bridges is one of the most fundamental and crucial of all strategies when climbing the corporate ladder. Successful people make it their business to build relationships and to heal broken ones.


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