Selling skills Training

Success Factory’s Selling Skills provides an effective approach to developing strong, mutually satisfying customer relationships. Our highly effective programme will improve sales and as a result, help your organisation to gain market share.


Salespeople develop selling skills that will promote an effective exchange of information that will result in the salesperson uncovering all the needs of the customer and demonstrate how your organisation is able to satisfy the customer’s needs. The result is a mutually beneficial relationship.

Participants will:

Opening – participants will learn how to effectively open sales calls in a positive and effective way;
Probing – participants will learn how to gather information that will result in a full understanding of a customer’s needs;
Supporting – participants will learn how to provide the correct information that will satisfy the customer’s needs and influence their buying decisions favourably;
Closing – participants will learn how to recognise buying signals and how to move the customer to signing on the dotted line;
Sales Objections – participants will learn how to overcome objections.


Your customers will profit from:

Lasting relationships with salespeople who make an effort to understand their business issues;
Products and services that address their specific needs;
Buying decisions that are based on real needs and facts, not because of pressured sales techniques;

Your organisation will have:

Increased sales and customer loyalty;
Highly effective salespeople who are able to determine customers’ buying potential;
Professional, well-trained, informed sales people always increase an organisation’s professional image;


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