In order to influence, inform, win support or get that contract, you need to have good presentation and speaking skills. A good speaker is inspiring, clear, concise and persuasive. Some people struggle all their lives to learn to be good speakers. Too many speakers are boring, long-winded and confusing. Most speeches and presentations go on for far too long and don’t get the message across clearly.


1. Success Factory’s Ten Steps;
2. Select your topic and purpose;
3. Analyse your audience;
4. Research your topic;
5. Formulate your thesis and major propositions;
6. Support your major propositions;
7. Organise your speech materials;
8. Word your speech;
9. Construct your introduction, conclusion and transitions;
10. Rehearse your speech;
11. Presentation checklist;
12. At the venue;
13. Deliver your speech;
14. How to overcome nervousness;
15. Answering Q & A;
16. Thinking on your feet;
17. Impromptu (unexpected or unprepared) speeches;
18. Graphic and visual aids;
19. Timing;
20. Conclusion;
21. After your speech or presentation;
22. The worst advice for public speaking.


Firstday                                            Training
Second day                                      Research, writing and practice
Third day                                          Delivery and evaluation of speeches
PLEASE NOTE:  This course is only offered as in-house training for companies.
We no longer run it as a public course

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