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Elsabé creates custom keynote speeches for organisations, based specifically on their needs, issues and interests. She captures and fascinates her audience with her knowledge, insight and wisdom. Elsabé has the ability to motivate people to take deliberate and consistent action to accomplish their goals and objectives.

Suggested Topics

Change Is The Only Constant
Communication In The Workplace
Create Abundance In Your Life
Creating Staff Loyalty
Customer Service In South Africa – What Is That…?
Do As You Please And Experience The Result Of That
Emotional Maturity
Happiness, Inner Peace And Wisdom
High Performance Behaviours
How To Get A Team Working
How To Influence Others
Improving Performance and Productivity
Make Good Choices
Professionalism In The Workplace (Based on Up The Corporate Ladder – Professionalism in the Workplace. Available in all major bookstores)
Sales Strategy
Self-Empowered Leaders
Self-Leadership and Self-Management
Self-Mastery (Empowerment) vs Self-Sabotage
Strategic Thinking
Strategy For Success
Success In Sales
The Power Of Forgiveness
To coach or not to coach…
Understanding Human Behaviour
What If You Weren’t Afraid?
What Motivates People?

“Exceptional leaders are authentic and they take deliberate action when things go wrong…” – Elsabé Manning

ON CONDUCT IN THE WORKPLACE: “Professionalism and emotional maturity – you either ‘get it’ or you don’t…” – Elsabé Manning

ON THE FUTURE: “Dr Phil McGraw said: “Start creating experiences you want, instead of suffering through experiences you don’t want.” We create ALL our own experiences. Having created it, we have chosen it – make good choices… – Elsabé Manning

ON COMPANY CULTURE: “Company culture is created from the top in any organisation – exceptional leaders lead by example…” – Elsabé Manning