Assertiveness Training

Assertiveness is the extent to which a person is able to express their needs, wants, expectations, feelings, opinions and beliefs in direct, honest and appropriate ways, as well as exercise their legitimate authority in order to get a team, group or individual to accomplish requested tasks or activities.

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Coaches Training for Organisations

Companies now realise that equipping management with coaching and mentoring skills uplifts not only individuals but entire teams, and as a result the entire company – and it has a major effect on the bottom line of the company. Having a coaching culture in any company or organisation has become a crucial component to its success.

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Coaches Training for Individuals

Would you like to acquire coaching skills? You will be able to open your own coaching practice and start coaching immediately – or you can use your coaching skills in the workplace and uplift your team. Your skills will allow you to do life coaching; executive coaching; performance coaching – and if you have a business degree you can do business coaching.

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Customer Service Excellence

What determines your customer’s views of your organisation? What do you do to earn their loyalty? Did you know that customers’ loyalty is more strongly influenced by their personal experiences with your staff than any other factor?

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Effective Communication In The Workplace

Since each person has different needs and views one can almost expect conflict when living and working with others. By understanding more about conversation, we can become better at solving problems and managing conflict.

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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the non-cognitive skills and competencies we need to successfully communicate and interact with people in our daily lives. Such insight allows us to manage our own and other’s emotions and to read, understand and manage our own and others’ emotional states and to guide thinking and actions.

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Leadership & Management

‘Situational leadership’ is a term that can be applied generically to a style of leadership, but that also refers to a recognised, and useful, leadership model. In simple terms, a situational leader is one who can adopt different leadership styles depending on the situation. Most of us do this anyway in our dealings with other people: We try not to get angry with a nervous colleague on their first day; we chase up tasks with some people more than others because we know they’ll forget otherwise.

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Performance Excellence

In order to develop higher productivity and to establish staff loyalty, personal, team and organisational values, mission and goals must be aligned. Align individuals and teams’ values, goals and objectives to the organisation’s values, goals and objectives.

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Persuasion Skills

Having influence over people means that you have the ability to gain support for your opinions, views, ideas, thoughts, beliefs, goals and objectives by using language to persuade people to buy into your way of thinking.

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Professionalism In The Workplace

‘Professionalism’ is the term used to describe the internationally accepted standards or expectations that society has of people’s conduct and levels of competence in the workplace.

These standards of conduct are set by society, management, our peers, our customers, our staff, our families and of course, us.

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Relationship management

Relationship management is one of the four pillars of EQ (Emotional Intelligence): self-awareness, self-management and social awareness are the other three. Emotional intelligence is the innate potential to feel, use, communicate, recognise, remember, learn from, manage and understand emotions.

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Sales training

Success Factory’s Selling Skills provides an effective and flexible approach to learning, applying, evaluating, and continuously improving the skills that result in strong customer relationships. Our programme will improve sales performance and as a result help your organisation to gain market share.

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Team Re-Building

Elsabé Manning facilitates Team Re-Building workshops with great success. Rebuilding a team entails uncovering and resolving team issues; overcoming obstacles and healing broken relationships. This workshop is the beginning of lasting, trusting, respectful relationships. The entire team commits to pull together with clearly defined common vision, goals and objectives.

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